#28 Consumnes River Farm

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#28 Consumnes River Farm

28305  N Thornton Rd. Thornton, 95686  
bellindora@att.net  | (209) 334-5544 |  consumnesriverfarm.com    

Other Products: wine, olive oil, vinegar

Tasting Room open Thursday:  12 to 7 pm, Friday- Saturday 12 to 5 pm


After success in transforming our barn into our production facility, a tasting room was the next step which offers tasting of Wine, Olive Oil, and a Variety of Vinegars.  Bring a picnic basket and enjoy our patio while enjoying Country Surroundings sipping on wine, or wine slushies.

Our family ranch is located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin wine country. The wonderful climate and rich land has given us access to the finest wine and agricultural products available for premium wine, olive oil, and vinegar production. We handcraft our  vinegars in large vats.  We begin our vinegars process starting out from either red or white wine grapes through months of aging in oak.
We are a Gluten-Free Company.  Bellindora California Balsamic vinegar and Delta Barrel Vinegars is safe on the gluten-free diet. No gluten grains are used in our products.

Monthly: Create & Taste. See Facebook for specifics.


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Know Your Farmer

Consumnes River Farm, is a family owned company. Farming has been our family’s way of life for 4 generations; it has provided our family with years of appreciation to the earth and our knowledge of the wholesome food we share with you.

We are a family of grape growers who in 2006 started a vinegar and olive oil business. After success in transforming our barn into our production facility, a tasting room was the next step which included adding wine to the list of products. We harvested our grapes as usual in 2014, except this time instead of all the grapes going to other wineries for crush, a few got left behind, and ended up going to our 1st wine crush. Very exciting time for our family. Come share our passion for great wine, food and friendship. We invite you to enjoy some friendly conversation, and pleasurable wine, along with our vinegar and olive oil product lines