#25 Grand Island Vineyards

Many of our farms and wineries are open for business via pick up or delivery. See current activities on our Facebook page here

#25 Grand Island Vineyards

Grand Island Vineyards112484 Hwy 160. Walnut Grove 95690
info@grandislandvineyards.com |(916) 775-2111 |

Other Products: wine
Services/Activities: weddings, event venue

Wine Tasting: Friday through Sunday 10am-5pm

Grand Island Vineyards2

COVID-19: Tasting Room Open (6 max). Reserve Tasting available.

Located at the Steamboat Slough Bridge on Grand Island.



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Know Your Farmer

The Salman Family have been farming in the Delta region since 1929. Our first vineyard was planted in 1969 on Sutter Island. Today our Grand Island Vineyard is open to the public, to relax, enjoy our wines, and be in the mist of beautiful scenery.