#6 Hemly Cider

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#6 Hemly Cider

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With six generations of farming under our belts, the family is “branching out” to craft pear cider! Today,the fifth generation, Doug and Cathy Hemly take care of the farming business. Their daughter Virginia runs the packing shed, and their son, Matt Hemly, oversees all orchard production. Matt’s wife, Sarah Hemly has started the family down the path of fermented beverages, aka; Hemly Cider.

Crafted with a blend of bartlett and bosc pears our cider undergoes both a primary and malolactic fermentation. This brings body and buttery notes. It is then aged on oak, giving a beer like structure. A secondary fresh press of bosc and bartlett pears are then blended in for a bright fresh pear taste and aroma. Our cider is lightly carbonated, unfiltered and cloudy with some sediment naturally occurring. Best served at 55 degrees with friends!

As much as we love our location in Courtland, California, to our pear trees the region is absolute ‘pearadise’. Nurtured by cold wet winters, rich delta soil and mineral laden Sierra mountain water, our trees produce some of the most flavor packed pears on earth. We have a long tradition of growing for flavor, not shelf life. Our pear cider comes directly from our 165 year old farm in Courtland, California. All our fruit is 100% grown and picked by us.

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In 1850 our great-great-great grandfather Josiah Greene came to the California Delta in search of gold. Instead he discovered some of the best farmland on earth. Six generations later we are still living on and farming the same land. We’re proud of our farming heritage and even more excited about our future in cider!

With our first release under our belts we have plans to open a cider door close to home! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more.
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