#11 Maggi’s Farm

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#11 Maggi’s Farm


11 buttonProduce: Bartlett pears
Other Products:
 pear sauce


It all began with a wish for roller skates. Since the 1950’s, Maggi’s Farm has solely featured delicious Bartlett pears. Ripened without commercial processing, the sweetness can’t be beat. The pear stand in the front yard sells fresh organic Bartlett pears grown in their own orchard.

maggi_farmThe pear orchard was purchased by William “Bill” Cave and his wife Margaret “Marge” Cave in 1943 and has been owned by members of the Cave family since then. The pear stand in the front yard was opened in the early 1950’s as a lesson in earning money for one of Bill’s daughters who desired her own pair of roller skates. The stand was a success, and the rest is history… the pear stand has been operated by one of Bill Cave’s great Granddaughters for the last five seasons.

The tree in the front yard, was planted in 1944 and celebrated its’ 71 birthday in 2015.