Delta Bucket Challenge

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Make your trip to the Delta Farm & Winery Trail even more fun with this bucket list challenge. See how many you can complete each year. New bucket list items will be added. Challenge friends/family to see who reigns supreme.  Have fun and explore more in the Delta!

Some answers you may find on our website (some of the general Delta answers are in the driving routes) or in our Delta Farm & Winery Guide.  Others you may need to search/ask about at our Delta Farms and Wineries.  Some bucket list items/photos can only be completed at certain times of the year, while others can be completed any time of the year.

How to play:

Delta Bucket Challenge photo

7. Second weekend in August. #deltabucketchallenge

Take a selfie with the bucket challenge item and post on Instagram with #DeltaBucketChallenge, the bucket challenge number, and the answer to the question. See example on Instagram, Pinterest, or the website.  Share on Facebook tagging Sacramento River Delta Grown Agri-Tourism Association. Also, you could create a “Delta Farm & Winery Trail Bucket List Challenge” Board on your Pinterest account to help record your accomplishments.

Find the Delta Bucket Challenge List at:

Bucket List Challenge Instructions (pdf version)
Bucket List Challenge Start (pdf version)


  1. What year was the Old Sugar Mill built?
  2. What two islands does the free public J-Mack ferry connect?
  3. Who has Sacramento’s only jumping pillow?
  4. How old is the grapevine in the Three Wine Company tasting room?
  5. What date is the Pear fair every year?
  6. What store has a large collection of books on the Delta?
  7. When is the Wine & Produce Passport Weekend?
  8. Which winery is one of a handful in the United States that growns and produces Verdelho?
  9. How many varieties of heirloom tomatoes does Delta Island Organic Farm grow?
  10. What is the name of the wine slushy at Heringer Estates Vineyards and Winery?
  11. North Delta Conservancy’s main conservation efforts are on what animal? (NDC office is next to Courtland post office)
  12. What Delta painter painted the large mural at the top of the levee on River Rd near C St in Walnut Grove?
  13. What year, make and model is the old Bogle Truck?
  14. When was Steamboat Acres established?
  15. How tall and heavy is the historic water tower adjacent to the Delta Farmers Market come from?
  16. Which winery has a rustic wine bottle water fountain in their back patio area?
  17. Which winery has Almond Sparkling Champagne?
  18. When was the Subsoiler/Gopher Plow made at Wallace Chan Farms?
  19. Are Merlo Family Winery wines high or low in alcohol content?
  20. What color eggs can you get at Double M Farms?
  21. What was the original use of the large building on the levee in Hood?
  22. Which winery annually travels to New Orleans for the Wine & Food Experience?
  23. Which restaurant is a floating restaurant?
  24. What are the soaps in Locke Farm made from?
  25. How many cabins are available to rent at Snug Harbor Resort?
  26. What town is home of the Cajun & Blues Festival? (Picture of Chamber office)
  27. Who was the main founder of the Sacramento River Delta Grown Agri-Tourism Association? (must take picture with person)
  28. Which farm has Black Eyed Peas?
  29. Which winery has a flag that covers the entire width of their tasting room?
  30. How old is the Elm tree in the front yard of Maggi’s Farm?
  31. Which Delta town was built by and for the Chinese in 1915?
  32. What month do the pear trees bloom?
  33. What type of bridge are the yellow bridges along CA Scenic Hwy 160? Name bridge in your picture? (can’t repeat bridge for answers on #33-35)
  34. Who designed the yellow bridges along CA Scenic Hwy 160? Name bridge in picture? (can’t repeat bridge for answers on #33-35)
  35. What other bridge did Joseph B Strauss, the engineer that built the yellow bridges, build? (can’t repeat bridge for answers on #33-35)